Linn-Mar Girls’ Tennis Handbook


Mission Statement


We hope the girls improve as players and as teammates.  We want them to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to participate in tennis at Linn-Mar. We encourage sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting, and we hope the girls will realize that tennis can be a fun lifelong sport.


Team Rules

  • Academic success is important.  If a student has an F at the end of a quarter, the Athletic Director will hold them out of meets for 30 days.

  • All athletes must follow the Code of Conduct rules regarding tobacco and alcohol.

  • Anticipated absences need to be in writing, or the player must speak with the coach the day prior to the absence.  In case of illness, the player must contact the coach that day by text

  • Be respectful to the coaches and the other players and teammates

  • Perform in a way that makes your family, your school, and your team proud

  • Be on time for practice with a water jug and appropriate clothes for the weather

  • All athletes are expected to take school transportation to the meets.  If there are any changes, or a parent would like to transport the athlete after the meet, it must be cleared by the coach. 

  • All players must have current physicals on file as well as Code of Conduct forms, Health and Injury forms, a Med Card, Driving Form and a signed Concussion form before they can practice.  **Click here to get to Forms**

  • If an injury does occur at practice or a meet, the player must notify the coach immediately. Significant injuries may be checked and cleared by the athletic trainer

  • Placement on various teams such as Varsity and Junior Varsity will be based on ability, leadership skills, and maturity.  Coaches will have the final decision.  If there is a question, the player must speak with the coach concerning this issue 

  • Coaches will only speak with athletes about playing time and positions in the lineup


Parent Expectations


Please be positive role models for your girls.  If you would like to be involved, we welcome help with the Linn-Mar Booster Club assignments.  During the season, our team parent will be asking for families to help with providing food and drink for the meets.

Please remember that only the athletes can discuss their position in the lineup or which team they will be on, such as 9/10, JV, or Varsity.  We encourage the athletes to discuss their concerns with their coach as needed.  Please refrain from approaching the coaches during a meet.  The best time to have discussions with coaches would be after practice or after a meet.  Any discussions should be done respectfully


Lettering Requirements


Players must attend practices each week and only have excused absences. Seniors must play in a Varsity meet in order to earn a Varsity letter. Other factors, such as work ethic, participation, positive attitudes, and respect for the coaches and teammates and other players, also play a part in earning a varsity letter.  The coaches will make the final decision.




Please check our website- for information on schedules, coaches, teams, and lineups

For JV and 9/10 teams- check Coach Rastetter's twitter account-  @CoachRastetter


Coach Rastetter 

Email -

Cell- 563-880-8826


For Varsity Players- Please check Coach Carpenter’s Twitter for practice or meet changes.  @stacie343


Coach Carpenter


Cell - 319-350-7815


Tom Neff




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